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Begin by creating yourself a free account on the platform. Once you have done so, you can order a free swap bag via your personal account, which will arrive in 1-3 working days via post.

You can send as many clothes as you can fit in your swap bag, there is no limit.


To kickstart the returns process, please visit our Returns Portal. From here you can choose the shipping option that suits you.

You pay to ship clothes back to us, which usually costs around £4 depending on the service you choose! We are looking to make this free of charge in the future; however, due to the volume of orders, we cannot absorb these costs yet. But watch this space!

Your swap bag will typically arrive at the Don't Shop Swap studio within 5 days. It then is added to a queue of bags waiting to be processed by the team. We aim to add your allocated coins to your account within three days of receiving your clothes.

Please check the Don't Shop, Swap guidelines to learn what we do and do not accept.

Any items that do not meet our brand requirements will be donated to charity or upcycled on your behalf and no coins will be allocated.

Please check the Don't Shop, Swap guidelines to learn what we do and do not accept.

We are on a mission to make Don't Shop, Swap as circular as possible.

If your clothes do not meet our brand & quality requirements, we donate them to charity on your behalf or upcycle them, so they are still doing some good.

If you are unhappy with this and would prefer to receive your clothes back, we can return these back to you. Unfortunately, however, we cannot cover the cost of shipping.

Simply order another swap bag via your personal account page. Log in and click 'Order free swap bag', and fill in your address details again.

Currently we are only accepting one bag at a time.


Simply send any clothes you don't want back with your next swap bag! We will credit you the swap coins of the returned items along with the rest of your clothes.


We use Vinted to work out each item's average second-hand price across the internet and convert this number into our 'swap coin' currency.

If you would like to raise a concern about the number of coins you have received, please contact us at hello@dontshopswap.co.uk.

Due to tech constraints, we are unable to offer a breakdown of the coin value per item. However, if you would like to know this, please email us at hello@dontshopswap.co.uk.

Coins will be allocated to your account once we have received your swap bag and reviewed the quality of the clothes you have sent in. We will notify you by email to know when you have new coins to spend.

Customers usually receive their coins 7-14 days after sending their swap bag to us in the post.

We aim to add clothes to the platform every day or every other day - so keep coming back to check!


The service fees cover our business's costs like paying employees, logistics partners and warehousing. We aim to make sustainable fashion as affordable and accessible as possible. With our system, you use your clothes to subsidise the price of getting new ones majorly. Our service fees equate to 10% of the item's average retail value on Vinted. Meaning you pay significantly less. It's like paying Depop fees, but without paying for the actual clothes.

Unfortunately, it is not financially viable for us to refund our service fees once you have made your purchase. If you decide to return an item, we will refund you your swap coins to spend on other clothes on the platform when you like!